Call of Duty: WWII releases world wide

by on November 3, 2017

Sledgehammer and Activision’s Call of Duty: WWII is now available digitally and from retailers world wide today.

Call of Duty made its name in the muddy, bloody years of the Second World War and now its returning to its routes after years of jet packing in the future with WWII.

Along side a much clamoured for return to boots on the ground multiplayer, WWII also offers a personal single player story, Nazi Zombies and co-operative play.

A new season of Call of Duty World League is also underway.

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision, said: “Call of Duty: WWII is the right game at the right time for our fans. Returning the franchise to its gritty, boots on the ground, military roots was a big opportunity and a big responsibility. We were determined to deliver an unforgettable World War II experience, and I think we have.”

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