Super Hydorah lands on PS4 and PS Vita

by on December 14, 2017

Formerly released on Steam and Xbox One, horizontal shoot-’em-up Super Hydorah arrives on PS4 and PS Vita today.

Available for £15.99 with cross-buy, the game features twenty-one levels which are subdivided into thirty-five sub-levels with thirty-five bosses. Each level carries with it extra hazards outside of bullets as well as secrets to find.

In Super Hydorah you are the most skilled pilot in the galaxy (citation needed) and have to eliminate the threat of  the Meroptian invasion by shooting, collecting power ups, more shooting and, well, shooting. There are multiple endings to be acquired and there are multiple routes through the levels.

The PS4 version has a single player mode, as well as co-operative multiplayer and a Robot Chase co-operative mini game. The Vita version is only single player, but has a specially adapted version of Robot Chase assisted by AI. Both versions feature trophies.