Papercraft dungeon crawler Popup Dungeon lets you make your weapons

by on January 18, 2018

Papercraft Dungeon is a product of a collaboration between Humble Bundle and Triple.B.Titles, and will allow you to customise your game as you wish.

The game will come loaded with a large set of existing assets for you to use, should you not be so imaginatively inclined, but, for those who want to get into the nitty gritty the game will allow you to import images and templates to create your own hero, enemies or weapons.

As well as this, the game also comes with an extensive ability creator as well. With this tool you can name an ability, set the damage it does, effects it afflicts the target with, and a whole load of other settings to the point it looks a little bit daunting.

The game is due out on Steam next winter, so you might want to start designing your gear now.

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