HIVE: Altenum Wars releases May1, promises it’s not a Battle Royale

by on April 20, 2018

HIVE is a ten player, free-for-all, shooting game taking place in a hexagonal arena on a 2.5D plane.

As you move around the hexagon the gravity changes, so you’ll need to know that your enemies could fire at you from any angle within the arena. Developers Catness Game Studio say they’ll be supporting the game after launch with new modes, stages, characters, leagues, tournaments and any good ideas the community comes up with. If you don’t like playing with others (and let’s face it, it can be grim online) then you can take part in a survival mode with an AI compatriot or a friend.

The game is out on PC and PS4 on May 1st for £7.99, €9.99, $9.99