Here’s a trailer for R6: Siege’s Operation Para Bellum

by on May 21, 2018

Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation Para Bellum releases in June, and to help players get into the mood, here’s a trailer.

The new update will bring two new operators into the fray – Alibi and Maestro – these new characters join a raid on a luxury villa in the Italian countryside. The place belongs to a crime family called the Vinciguerra who collect rare art from their smuggling activities. Alibi is able to create holograms to confuse their adversaries while Maestro can set up bullet proof turrets which can see through smoke and fires laser beams.

The new update will also introduce the new Pick & Ban system, which the more times I read the less sense it makes. Essentially, the teams take it in turns to counter their opponent’s picks during the banning phase (shrug), and apparently there could even be thrilling twists (ooooohhhhhh). The game will also see several other new additions in the shape of bullet proof cameras, new animations, mechanic adjustments and more.

Starting tomorrow the test server for Para Bellum goes live exclusively on PC.