New Stellaris expansion MegaCorp to launch on December 6

by on November 20, 2018

Paradox Interactive has today announced that new Stellaris expansion called MegaCorp will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 6, 2018. As the name suggests, the focus of the expansion is all around big business and money, to really take this management sim experience to the next level.

Official details about what you can find in the expansion below:

  • Corporate Culture: Chief Executive Officers of a MegaCorp can conduct business on a galaxy-wide scale with a host of new civics. By building Branch Offices on planets within empires they have trade agreements with, the MegaCorp can add a portion of the planet’s Trade Value to their own network. Using the new Corporate Authority government type, construct an economic powerhouse and dominate galactic trade – for a brighter future.
  • City World: With Ecumenopolis, players can increase the population density of core worlds to truly epic proportions, eventually creating a planet-spanning megacity.
  • Caravaneer Fleets: Keep an eye out for the Caravaneers, nomadic interstellar wheelers-and-dealers who stay aloof from galactic politics, and always have a bargain up their sleeve. Expect surprises when these master traders wander through your space or when you visit their home systems.
  • More Megastructures: Budget has been approved for your own glorious Matter Decompressor, Mega-Art Installation or Strategic Coordination Center to acquire new scaling capabilities for your megalopolis.
  • Galactic Slave Market:Buy and sell labor on an industrial scale, set them free or keep them as livestock. The choice is yours!
  • VIP Status Comes with its Perks:Keep your economy competitive in a cutthroat galaxy with additional Ascension perks.

And check out the official trailer for the MegaCorp expansion below:

Stellaris is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.