Kill la Kill the Game: IF for PS4, Switch, and PC gets new game mode details

by on December 26, 2018

Kill la Kill the Game: IF gets new game mode details.

Originally announced for PS4 and PC, Kill la Kill the Game: IF was also announced for Switch. It is set for a worldwide release in 2019 on all 3 platforms. Today, Gematsu has details about the various singleplayer modes available in game:

Story Mode: This sees players control Kiryuuin Satsuki fighting against various characters beginning with a tutorial. The story is an original one that branches out from episode 8 of the anime and has been written by Kazuki Nakashima who is the original writer.

Practice Modes:

Tutorial: This lets you re-experience the tutorial from Story Mode.

Training Mode: This lets you use your character of choice, choose a stage, and opponent and edit CPU behaviour to train as the name suggests.

Win-Through Challenge: This is like the survival mode you’re probably used to in other fighters with HP carrying over into the next battle with a bit of recovery.

COVERS Challenge: This is a 1vMany mode that sees you try and take down COVERS. There are three types of these challenges: One-Minute Challenge, 100-Man Challenge, and Endless Challenge.

Kill la Kill the Game: IF releases next year for PS4, Switch, and PC. I’m still holding out hope that the Sawano music is licensed for the game because it was a huge part of what made the anime great.

Thanks, Gematsu.