The Great Big Huge Grand 2018 Quiztacular Podcast

by on December 26, 2018

In 2012, an idea was born. It wasn’t this one you see before you, but it was the seeds of it.

Six long years have passed and we’ve had a go at doing a holiday quiz podcast type thing. Try not to think about the logistics of how this works, how long it took me to edit it, or the painstaking effort it took to mix, and just sit back and enjoy, reflecting on what a year it’s been. Because, honestly, it’s been a terrible year for many people, but games are the constant: for every awful one (Agony) there are tens of brilliant ones. Hidden gems, AAA-brilliance, the works. This quiz is a celebration of all things gaming, and all things not so great, too.

Cheers for your support in 2018, see you in a few days for 2019’s action.

Download the episode, here.