Indivisible has a release date and is on its way to PC and Steam

by on August 8, 2019

The hand drawn animated action-RPG platformer Indivisible is due for release digitally and physically on October 11, 2019.

The latest game from Lab Zero and 505 games is now available for pre-order on PC and Steam for £34.99. Anyone that pre-orders will get some bonus goodies inlcuding Ajna’s pet tapir Roti as well exclusive charater skins.

Indivisible follows Ajna who is thrown into adventure in a stereotypical RPG fashion. Ajna is raised by her dad on the outskirts of their town which is, naturally, attacked. There wouldn’t be much a story if it wasn’t! Thanks to the attack something mysterious awakens within which leads to the start of Ajna’s adventure.

That’s enough from me, you can find out more in the launch date trailer below.