Monster Hunter: World Iceborne beta will start this week

by on August 27, 2019

Capcom has today announced details of some upcoming beta sessions for Iceborne, the massive expansion to Monster Hunter: World.

The beta sessions will offer players four quest options to try and will be available for PlayStation 4 users from 08:00 BST on Friday, 30 August through to 7:59 BST on Monday, 2 September. Xbox One players will have to wait a little longer with their beta running from 08:00 BST on Monday 2 September until 7:59 BST on Thursday 5 September.

Capcom has confirmed that there will be preload options available a couple of days before each beta period begins.

The beta challenges will include the Great Jagras for Beginners, Banbaro for Intermediate players and Tigrex for Experts. Players will also be able to test out their skills against the mythical Elder Dragon, Velkhana.

As well as the monsters, players will be able to test out all fourteen weapon types in any of the four quests and all will include the new Iceborne features, plus the new Slinger tool options such as the Clutch Claw grapple mechanic.

Upon successful completion of each quest for the first time, players will be rewarded with a total of four commendation packs which will contain helpful consumable items that can be used in the full version of the Iceborne expansion when it releases.

The Monster Hunter: World base game is not required to participate in the Iceborne beta sessions.