SWAT team co-op game Hot Brass enters open Beta on February 20th

by on February 14, 2020

Get ready to apprehend some criminals, as the SWAT team co-op game Hot Brass enters open Beta on February 20th. With an aim to apprehend all perps non lethally, and multiple ways to accomplish this in each stage – Hot Brass is looking like a very promising multiplayer experience.

“- Master each mission: With a variety of maps and scenarios to solve, each mission offers its own set of challenges to learn and overcome.

– Equipment for every encounter: You’ll need everything at your disposal to infiltrate and resolve each situation. Find the right tool for the right task, and bring everyone home safely.

– Multiple points of entry: The obvious entrance isn’t always best. Sneak around back, lure the enemy out or simply blast through the wall. Almost everything in the environment is destructible, allowing players to destroy windows, doors and walls to gain the upper hand.

– Utilise your surroundings: Crouch behind cover and slide over low objects to ensure you’re in the safest and most advantageous position, whatever the situation.

– Gather your unit: Play with 1-4 players in online and local co-op.”


There aren’t nearly enough games featuring SWAT teams, or great co-op games – and I love the idea of aiming to resolve situations non-lethally. With 3 buddies this should be a hoot.