One Step From Eden Launching Today on PC and Nintendo Switch

by on March 26, 2020

Humble Bundle and solo developer Thomas Moon Kang have announced that new genre-defying title One Step From Eden is launching today. Yes, today. On PC and Nintendo Switch, no less.


Comparing its gameplay to that of Mega Man Battle Network, One Step From Eden promises a blend of strategy and real-time action, as you build your deck and fight through bullet hell to get to Eden.

Deck building allows you to customise your experience, with over 200 spells 100+ “game changing items.”

With nine playable characters and procedurally generated levels, plus alternate runs, One Step From Eden ensures “you’ll never experience the same situation or outcome twice.”

You can even play in local co-op or PvP, which is always good for Switch releases.

And with full Steam Workshop and mod support, it’s unlikely the game will run out of content anytime soon.


One Step From Eden is out today, March 26th if you’re not sure what day it is, on PC and Nintendo Switch.