Massive Resident Evil bundle going cheap on Humble Bundle right now

by on August 11, 2022

An enormous “Decades of Horror” Resident Evil bundle is going cheap on Humble Bundle right now, with 12 games on offer for a low price.

At the time of writing, 12 Resident Evil titles can be grabbed for £24.70. The list of Resi games is as follows:

Aside the coupon for half off the latest game, the most recent title is Resident Evil 3 remake, which Chris White scored 9/10 back in 2020, saying: “Resident Evil 3 is fantastic. Nemesis never becomes frustrating, and that dread in the back of your mind never goes away as you’re always waiting for him to pop up again. It looks amazing, with every location packed with great definition and detail. Whilst it may only take around seven hours to complete (the original was similar), there’s still plenty of reasons to replay. The game is filled with collectibles that open up models and concept art you can check out in the main menu, and the shop lets you purchase weapons, outfits, and more to take with you the next time you play”.

This isn’t a sponsored post, by the way, it’s just 12 excellent games going very cheap, and with so many people getting Steam Decks now, it might be a good time to grab the bundle and play some very good games. Humble says the bundle is technically worth £226.95, but you can break it up to buy selections of games if you don’t want to spend out right now. For example you could pay 82p for Revelations and episode 1 of the second game, along with the remake of the original. Even that seems a bargain!

The codes will be for Windows or Steam (PC), and over 16,000 bundles have been sold so far, raising over £33k for charity.