Dragon’s Dogma 2 | How to unlock Magick Archer

by on March 24, 2024

The Magick Archer Vocation is one of the best in Dragon’s Dogma 2, mixing the versatility of ranged combat with powerful magical attacks that can hit multiple enemies or weakpoints at once. Fittingly, it’s the last one you can unlock, and takes a bit of legwork to do it.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 | Magick Archer Overview

For players who just can’t decide whether they want the high-damaghe AoE gratification of the Sorcerer or the quick strike capabilities of the Archer, the Magick Archer is the perfect Advanced Vocation. It deals decent damage, though its real draw (no pun intended) is the power to stun enemies or target multiple enemies and weakpoints at once.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Magick Archer

The two primary skills are Quickstrike and Conversion. The first launches a volley of arrows, while using R1 has two functions which you switch between using Conversion. The first is Pinpoint Volley, which targets multiple enemies or multiple points on a single enemy. The second is Rivet Shot, which targets a single enemy or a single point on a single enemy and launches a high powered brace of shots.

Alone, these skills are pretty handy and look damn cool, but the Magick Archer can also employ elemental attacks and healing shots. Frostseeker Bolt launches an ice arrow that tracks enemies, while Flamefang Arrow converts a portion of the damage to fire and can scorch enemies. Sparkchain Stake acts like chain lightning, and Sedative Bolt can knock enemies out cold by raising their sleep value.

Bartizan constructs a barrier around an ally, while Vimtaking Arrow saps health from multiple enemies and transfers it to allies in range. You can use Core Skills like Scopic Sight to extend the lock-on of Pinpoint Volley and Rivet Shot, while the ultimate ability taught by the Maister is Martyr’s Bolt, a ridiculously powerful nuke attack that reduces your recoverable health to around 5%.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Magick Archer

Dragon’s Dogma | How to unlock Magick Archer

To reach the Elven trainer Cliodhna you’ll need to play the game all the way through the third and final area. No quests take you to where she is, though her icon will show up on the map when you reach Agamen Volcanic Island.

You’ll find her in an idyllic cottage surrounded by flowers and plants, but she’ll immediately come outside and tell you to bugger off. With no other options, head back to the road, where you’ll find a dwarf called Gautstafr hobbling around with a bad back. Lead him back to the cottage and you’ll learn that he and the elf are married, hence living out here away from everyone.

His back is so bad that the only thing for it is a dip in the healing hotsprings back in the Volcanic Island Camp (where you can find Lamond, the Warfarer trainer). Which means, you guessed it, it’s escort time! It’s a very easy journey on which I encountered a single Ogre. The problem is that Gautstafr walks very slowly and you can easily leave him behind. So, dignity be damned, I carried him the whole way.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Magick Archer

Get him to the hotsprings and complete the Put a Spring in Thy Step quest, and his badass, former Arisen, Magick Archer Maister wife will appear, making you wonder why she couldn’t have just brought him here herself. Either way, she’ll give you the Vocation there and then, along with the Spellbow’s Paradox scroll for the Martyr’s Bolt Maister skill.

Now you know how to unlock the Magick Archer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Why not check out our other guides, or read our spoiler-free review here?