Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX | Dojo guide

by on March 6, 2020

The Makuhita Dojo is one of the key buildings in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. It’s pretty useful in beefing up your Pokémon and it’s important you know what you’re doing with it to get the most from it. As such, we’ve compiled a handy guide so you can Dojo like a pro.

Where is the Dojo?

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Dojo

The Makuhita Dojo is in Pokémon Square – the main town area that you can visit in between quests. It is situated at the bottom of the square, if you move downwards from the central square area, you will come across a lonely yellow building. You’ll know you in the right place when you spot a Makuhita Pokémon standing outside.

What is the Dojo used for?

You can use the Dojo to gain additional experience for your Pokémon. This means that they will level up quicker and improve their stats. This is particularly useful if you are struggling with a particular dungeon or quest and feel like your Pokémon could do with a bit of a boost. It’s also a much quicker way of levelling up Pokémon than standard grinding in dungeons, making it a very efficient option when looking to bulk up your rescue team.

How do I get into the Dojo?

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Dojo

To gain access to the Dojo, you need a special ticket. There are three different types of Dojo Ticket: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each trip into the Dojo will cost you a ticket, and the different types each represent a different quality of ticket. The difference between each ticket is the level of Experience boost you receive when you use it, and the time you are allowed in the Dojo.

For Bronze tickets you will get a Big Boost to Experience, Silver nets you a Huge Boost, and Gold nets you the maximum Super Boost. Similarly, you also get longer in the Dojo for rarer tickets. Bronze gets you 50 seconds, Silver nets you 55 seconds, and then Gold gets you the full 60 seconds to train.

What happens then?

After you’ve chosen your ticket, you then pick the Pokémon you want to get an Experience boost. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll have a choice of mazes to roam around in. The options will be based on the type(s) of your chosen Pokémon. So for example, if you choose Bulbasaur, you will be able to choose between a Poison Maze or Grass Maze. If you choose a Grass Maze, that will mean that Grass-type moves will be super-effective against enemies in the Dojo. So pick a Maze of a type you have moves to use.

What do I do once the time begins?

The gameplay is largely the same as in the dungeons of the game. You move on a grid format, looking for enemies to beat. The difference here is that you are up against the clock, and you are going to want to maximise your opportunity. That means killing as many enemies as possible before the timer runs out.

Your best bet is to press L to engage the auto-move mode. This will not only search out enemies but move you pretty quickly to them as well. Then, once you’re within range of a move, simply press A to attack. The game will automatically choose your strongest move, which if you’ve selected the right Maze will automatically be a super-effective move. This will not only likely kill enemies quickly, but super-effective moves give an Experience boost too. Alternating between L to move quickly and A to do a super-effective attack should be your approach throughout your Dojo time.

Where can I get more Dojo Tickets?

Dojo Tickets are limited and can’t be bought from shops. But there are a few ways you might find them. The first is you might get a Dojo Ticket as a reward for completing a quest, so keep an eye on the Bulletin Board for those. Also, in a dungeon, you might come across treasure chests. These will likely either contain Gummies or Dojo Tickets, so they’re always worth picking up. The last method of finding Tickets is in your mailbox. Almost every day Pelipper the Postie will deliver you some letters. Some of these might thank you for your Rescue Team efforts and reward you with a Dojo Ticket or two, so make sure you read all your mail each day.

Is there anything else to do at the Dojo?

As well as drills to improve your Pokémon level, there is another use for the Makuhita Dojo. You can also choose to partake in “Tricks of the Trade”. These serve as some simple tutorials to explain some of the basic controls and principles. Not only are they a good way of learning some of the basics, but they also offer a one-odd reward of some items for completing them. As such, there’s really no downside to going through them and banking the items into storage.

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