Puzzle game MouseCraft is out now on Switch

by on March 2, 2020

Crunching Koalas have released their very own puzzle game today, MouseCraft, today on the Switch. MouseCraft is commonly described as a cross between Tetris and Lemmings. Sounds like a decent pairing.

Your aim is to help a mad cat scientist, Schrödinger, carry out various experiments involving mice, traps and tetromino blocks to power a mysterious machine. The whole point is to make sure the mice arrive safely to their cheese plate. This is done by manipulating different types of blocks. Expect to be putting those logic thinking and puzzle solving skills to the test.

Not only is it released today but if you’ve purchased any of Crunching Koalas’ past published games you can grab a 20% discount. Those games are; Darkwood, Regalia, Cinders, Lichtspeer, Butcher or My Memory of Us. This also works in reverse. If you buy MouseCraft you can pick up those other titles at a discounted rate.

There is also a launch trailer ready and waiting for you to take in just below.