Solos is coming to Warzone

by on March 18, 2020

If you’ve been playing Warzone and think three is two too many for a team then this news will interest you. Solos is making its way to Warzone. No more carrying the team but on the other no one to blame if the play goes awry.

In Solos you’ll drop into Verdansk alone with typical Battle Royale rules. Just you, a pistol and a few bullets which has been described as a typical CoD free-for-all except on a massive scale.

You can loot, complete contracts and attempt to survive against the other 149 players. All the while the circle is getting smaller and closing you in. You can still jump into the Gulag for some 1v1 but if you lose, you’re done. As with all BR games, last standing wins.

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about taking on the Warzone on your own, Activision has your back. They’ve put together 5 tips to help you through it:

  1. Going Solo? Intel is Your Best Teammate. Along with paying attention to the Tac Map and Compass, be especially thorough about finding, and equipping, reconnaissance tools such as the Recon Drone, Heartbeat Monitor, and UAV.
  2. Same Gulag. Same Player Count. No Buybacks. You only have one life to live in Solos. Make it count, both in the Gulag and out in Verdansk.
  3. Consider Picking Up Contracts. This especially goes for Recon Contracts, as in Solos, the station capture time is halved compared to other modes. Complete Contracts and get Cash to further build up your loadout at Buy Stations.
  4. … and Stay Down. Self-Revive Kits are in Solos. If it’s getting late into a game and you’re wary of an enemy after knocking them to zero health, double check that they are out for good before moving on.
  5. Learn from Your Solos. While you may have less of a chance at winning Solos, take the lessons you learn into your next game with the squad. Who knows? A few Solos matches could be the difference between losing your next Battle Royale trios game and a hard-fought victory.

If you have your eye on the number one spot then best get some practice in.

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