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The latest update for Last Oasis brings with it the new Cobra Walker

by on August 18, 2020

Last Oasis has had a pretty rocky launch with server issues back in March, however since then things have improved somewhat. Today the latest content update has just been pushed out, and it introduces the brand new Cobra Walker.

The Cobra Walker is a giant walking defence tower and becomes the sixteenth walker to be added to the nomadic survival MMO.

Developer Donkey Crew has been working hard in the background to improve the game’s stability as well as deliver quality of life improvements and fan requests. This latest update is a smaller one to provide content with a larger update planned to patch some issues.

The Cobra offers players a more defensive play style with the ability to hunker down in one spot and brace for combat.

The community page for Last Oasis on Steam provides some interesting details about the development process around the design of the Cobra Walker. Initially it was planned to give the walker wings, but upon thinking about organising the machines movement and positioning the wings were replaced with torque.

Last Oasis released in March and is PC only.