Bellwright adds fan requested features via new update

by on May 29, 2024

Developer Donkey Crew has released the “Forestry Update” for open-world survival crafting game Bellwright, adding the most requested fan features.

One of the biggest requests is based on Tier 3 buildings, and the developer says that there are “significant improvements” to that part of the title, “enhancing overall gameplay and resource management”. The team also says that ” various gameplay issues have been resolved, and several quality-of-life features have been refined to elevate the player experience”.

You can see the new Forestry update video, below:


You can see the full changelog at the link here, but we’ve some more info below:

Forestry introduces a building where you can grow saplings and use them to replant nearby forests, allowing your settlements to have a sustainable source of wood instead of having to create new outposts deeper and deeper into Karvenia.

Staging Ground is another exciting feature – a gathering place to prepare your companions before journeying further. Companions assigned to it will automatically stock up on food, equipment, and arrows from nearby storages, significantly improving resource management.

In terms of the gameplay updates, they are as follows:

Many remaining gameplay issues have also been addressed. For example, many Tier 2 weapons, armors, and some buildings like Drying Rack will no longer require villagers with professions to research them. It was a common complaint that equipment needed to fight the brigands was only unlockable after liberation.

We considered different options like making brigands easier to kill, but ultimately decided that removing profession requirements from some of them would solve the issue without changing the rest of the gameplay.

Additionally, food items that don’t regrow including meat and cooked dishes had their spoilage times increased as many of you have suggested, and Villagers will finally be able to navigate properly around Tier 3 buildings, use ramps and walk on wooden platforms without issues.

Bellwright is out now in early access for PC via Steam.