Bellwright developer reveals some stats about early access so far

by on May 15, 2024

Snail Inc and Donkey Crew LLC has revealed some of the stats behind the Bellwright early access, and it’s been pretty successful so far.

Bellwright is the new game from the developer behind Last Oasis, and this new game has sold over 200,000 units on Steam, says the team, and more than doubled its wishlist numbers since launch to “822,628”. On top of that, the developer and publisher says that 975,000 hours of the game has been watched on Twitch, as well.

You can check out the early access launch trailer, below:


Framed for the murder of the Prince and sentenced to death by the Crown, you’ve been living in the shadows ever since. After barely dodging an attempt on your life, you find the assassin’s contract that raises many questions – was it just misfortune that you were framed? Or is there more to it? Determined to find the answers, you journey back to the very place you escaped.

Slowly but surely, you will lead a rebellion against your homeland’s oppressive Sovereign to victory, uncovering the truth of your family’s secret along the way. The bells shall ring for freedom once again!

“The amount of support and enthusiasm from players has been a wonderful surprise for our team so soon after release. As we’re gathering feedback and discussing potential features with the community in preparation for our first content update, we have some exciting news on the way about the future of Bellwright and what’s coming next” – Florian “chadz” Hofreither, Project Lead at Donkey Crew.

The press release also adds: “Bellwright’s dedicated community and wealth of content available in its Early Access launch resulted in a higher than expected level of player retention on Steam’s competitive landscape. With concurrent users consistently exceeding its launch day peak, and a significant portion of players investing over 20 hours into the game, Bellwright has evidently captured the players it has reached so far.”

Bellwright is out on in early access for PC via Steam.