Bellwright is the new game from the Last Oasis developer

by on March 29, 2023

Donkey Crew has just announced its second game, Bellwright, an immersive single-player and co-op adventure and survival experience that will bring the thrill of medieval revolution and conquest, that is due to hit PC (Steam) later this year.

To go along with the announcement to the developer’s follow up to Last Oasis, we’ve got the official description of the game below, but to be honest, aside some screenshots from Steam’s page (where the dev says you can wishlist it already), not a lot else.

In Bellwright, players go into hiding after being framed for the murder of the Prince and being sentenced to death by the Crown. Following a narrow escape from an attempt on their life, players find the assassin’s contract that raises many questions – was it just misfortune that they were framed? Or is there something more sinister going on? Determined to find the answers, players journey back to the very place you escaped. Players experience the world of Bellwright as they lead a rebellion against their homeland’s oppressive Sovereign to victory, uncovering the truth of their family’s secret along the way.

Players will establish and expand their settlements, free their land, and recruit others to your cause while discovering more about the old life they had to leave behind. Recruits help players build up the resources and strength needed for a stand against the Crown.

In the press release there is also a statement that says the studio is “designing an enthralling story in a captivating time, giving players the opportunity to establish settlements and uncover mysteries as they conquer the kingdom when the game arrives on PC via Steam later this year”.

Fingers crossed for the team that this one does well for them, as Last Oasis is currently sitting on a less than desirable “Mostly negative” rating for recent reviews, and a “mixed” rating overall, from nearly 20,000 players.

Bellwright is due later this year for PC via Steam.