Explore the ‘Koi Pond’ in Grounded’s biggest update yet

by on November 11, 2020

Obsidian Entertainment has released the biggest update for Grounded to date, allowing players to dive deep into the underwater world of the Koi Pond. As announced via Xbox Wire, players will be able to meet a host of new creatures as they explore the murky pond, such as the Diving Bell Spiders and the stars of the show, the Koi. Players will also be able to craft new items, including the Slime Lantern, Bone Trident, and Gill Tube Rebreather.

With the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Grounded has been optimised to run on both consoles, and thanks to Smart Delivery players will get the best version available at no extra cost. Running at 60fps on both consoles, with full 4K support for Xbox Series X and increased graphical fidelity, improved loading times, and HDR support for Xbox Series S.

To celebrate Grounded’s five million player community, Xbox Game Studios’ Marcus Morgan, Senior Artist Mitch Loidolt, and Art Director Kaz Aruga had a chat about some behind-the-scenes information about the making and design of BURG.L., the robot featured in the game.