Hello Games release Next Generation Patch 3.15 for No Man’s Sky

by on January 27, 2021

Hello Games has release a new patch for No Man’s Sky which will fix stability improvements on PC, improve loading times on PS5 and ultra settings on Xbox Series S, and more. Released via the No Man’s Sky official website, the complete Patch Notes for the Nest Generation Update can be found below:

  • Stability improvements on PC.
  • Resolution and performance for PSVR have been significantly improved when running on a PS5.
  • Fixed a rendering-related crash on PS5.
  • Xbox Series S in high quality mode now has the improved ultra settings introduced in the Next Generation Update.
  • Loading times on PS5 have been improved.
  • PS5 install size has been optimised.

If you encounter any bugs that haven’t been addressed yet, you can submit a bug report here.