No Man’s Sky Singularity Expedition available today

by on June 7, 2023

Hello Games has announced and released a new five week long expedition for No Man’s Sky, and given us details on what to expect from “Singularity”.

As the team explains, “for a science fiction game it seems surprising that we’ve never focused on subjects like AI and robot uprisings! All that changes with our next release – Singularity”. With this latest No Man’s Sky expedition, Hello Games explains it’s trying to surprise players, and it says that it’s very different to anything the team has done before. Singularity will be part of a “much longer narrative arc” which all began in the Interceptor update, and is going to play out as the year goes on.

Hello Games says that “In Singularity players are asked to investigate curious robot heads that are delivering cryptic clues across the galaxy”, but also that “We want to keep the mystery, but this is a story about AI corruption, robotic uprisings with strong hints of what’s to come in No Man’s Sky”.


There will be rewards on offer as the community teams up with Nada and Polo on the space anomaly, and will conclude with a choice that the developer says will have far reaching consequences. There will be rewards, souvenirs (which can be used across all saves), and the first new full character customisation set for a long time (a robotic set).

The expedition will be coming to all formats (PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and even VR versions) today (June 7th). That Switch version is incredibly impressive, by the way, and I scored it a 9/10 when I reviewed it last year, saying “No Man’s Sky sits comfortably next to the best ports on the platform. Of course it doesn’t sing quite as beautifully as the most high-powered console versions, but really, when you can planet hop in a decked out space ship while having a number two, who cares?”

No Man’s Sky is out now.