No Man’s Sky ‘Adrift’ update will leave players feeling alone in the galaxy

by on May 29, 2024

Hello Games‘ next update for No Man’s Sky is called Adrift, and it is going to take the game back to its roots in a cool way. It has been almost seven years since it released, and in that time to game has added a ton of content and updates that have constantly improved gameplay, and while Adrift will add some new things, it also wants to remind players of that familiar feeling of being truly alone in the galaxy.

No Man’s Sky brings Adrift to players by offering an alternate universe to roam completely free in the vastness of space. A variety of lifeforms are being removed, which means there will be no shops or trading, no shortcuts or additional help, and the opportunity to thrive at the most fundamental level in a different survival experience players might not be used to.

One of the new features that pose a threat to players is the free-roaming sandworms that are ready to wipe you off the face of their planet, and fiend eggs are also spreading across planets. The graves of lost travellers litter the galaxy with broken down buildings lost to time. There’s also going to be a ghostly frigate drifting through space that players will be able to recruit a piece of this new, lonely universe.

Finally, a large Hauler starship called the Iron Vulture will offer players a safe haven in the loneliness they’ll find themselves in. Ship customisation was added in the last update, and in Adrift, those who are enjoying the ability to redesign their ship in No Man’s Sky are being given a ton of new customisation options to play around with. There will be new improvements, new unique gameplay content, and rewards as well, making it something people are going to want to check out.