No Man’s Sky gets ‘Orbital’ update today

by on March 27, 2024

Hello Games has released ‘Orbital,’ a brand new update for No Man’s Sky which sees a huge improvement to space stations. The update sees an overhaul to how space stations look and feel, allowing the developers to create much bigger interior and exterior spaces, the ability to customise their ship, and more.

The Orbital update adds ship customisation, transforms Space Stations inside and out, a new guild system, engine improvements, UI refresh and much more. It’s a huge update with several major features that have been on player’s wishlists for a long time. We have a lot more planned this year as our journey continues.

These improvements further enhance the No Man’s Sky experience, and Orbital sounds like a big one. It marks the 27th update since the game’s launch eight years ago, feeling like a completely different title than it did back then. The main features include:

  • Interior space stations are procedurally generated and diverse, featuring new shops, gameplay, and activities, and are uniquely customisable based on system, race, and locale.
  • Outside, space stations are of a much larger scale and a hugely varied.
  • A ship editor allows players to customise their ships and even create completely new starship types. Players will gather and trade parts for their ship, salvaging the best components from wrecks and ruins.
  • A new Guild system has been introduced to make joining them much easier. New Guild envoys are on space stations, and players can gain supplies and rare items, or even make donations to increase your standings.
  • Freighter can now be owned, along with an entire fleet of them, which can then be sent on away missions.