Persona 5 Strikers guide | How to get the best Personas

by on February 23, 2021

One of the biggest features in every Persona game to date is the magical creatures that aid you in battle. Known as Personas, these powerful beings help to weaken enemies in battle by using specific skills to aid your team in one way or another. Persona 5 Strikers is no different, and there are plenty of ways to get the best Personas possible, as well as levelling up your own Persona to make them excellent killing machines throughout the various Jails. We’ve put together some tips to help you gather Persona Points and use the Velvet Room effectively.

Unlock Persona Points

The biggest way to level up Personas and make them better is by collecting Persona Points. These can be collected in a multitude of ways, such as finding masks of Personas you already own, defeating enemies, and deleting Personas from your collection. Masks can be found throughout Jails after defeating certain Shadows. Unlocking the Joker’s Wild Bond skill is a sure-fire way to find more of them as you play. Spending a bit of time grinding is important as you’ll end up earning more Persona Points, and by getting rid of Personas in the Velvet Room will also add more points to your total.

Visit the Velvet Room frequently

There are plenty of ways to visit Lavenza in the Velvet Room. You can do so by finding checkpoints in Jails, locating blue areas within the cities, or heading there from your hideout. Once inside, you’ll be able to use your greatest tool when it comes to getting the best Personas. You can do a lot whilst in the Velvet Room, such as deleting Personas to acquire Persona Points, fusing them to create more powerful ones, levelling up existing ones, registering them, and re-summoning old Personas.

Persona 5 Strikers Persona guide

Delete Personas you don’t need

Getting rid of Personas you’re never going to use will bag you Persona Points which can be used to level up Personas you want to keep. At first, you may not want to get rid of your Personas, and that’s fine. However, the more you collect and the further you get, you’ll end up amassing more than you’re likely to use, so deleting them becomes an important part of the process in improving your collection.

Fuse Personas together

You can Fuse existing Personas to create new and more powerful ones, so spend some time working out which Personas you need to make the ones you want to acquire is worthwhile. There’s a list of potential Personas to unlock, and next to each one you’ll find the required Personas needed to create them.

Level them up

By spending Persona Points, you’ll unlock new skills for your existing Personas, improving the amount of attacks and buffs on offer. You can sometimes choose which skills to add to a Persona’s move set, so spend a bit of time working out which ones would benefit you whilst fighting Shadows. Please bare in mind that you’ll never be able to level up a Persona to a higher level than Joker.

Register and re-summon your Personas

Registering Persona will allow you to learn more about them from their level to their skills. Also, if you need to get a Persona back that you’ve registered then deleted, you can re-summon them for a price. Re-summoning will help you if you need to acquire a more powerful Persona in the fusing process.

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