PowerA announces new Switch Pro-Style Controller

by on April 27, 2021

PowerA is launching a new Nintendo Switch Pro-Style Controller with mappable buttons and more.  The FUSION Pro customizes your gaming by bringing professional-level features with premium materials right to your fingertips.  This officially licensed, Bluetooth-enabled gamepad is equipped with a mappable pro pack and swappable faceplates and thumbsticks to give gamers a competitive edge. The controller also comes with a premium travel case that perfectly fits the FUSION Pro and included accessories.

Customizable Gaming Experience

Nintendo Switch Controller

The FUSION Pro features four paddles that can be easily programmed to nearly any button, even on-the-fly, mid-game. Keep your thumbs on the sticks and achieve peak reaction time, no matter the game you’re playing. The versatile controller can also be personalized even further.  There are several swappable parts, including short or tall analogue sticks with either convex or concave caps, and even the colour and style of the faceplate. Whether it’s the soft-touch black or the white and red, you can style your controller your way. It provides users with a totally customizable gaming experience, right down to the look and feel of the controller.

Connect Your Way

Nintendo Switch Controller

Gamers have the freedom of choosing to play in wired or wireless mode to game from their favourite spot. A 900mAh rechargeable battery allows users up to 20 hours of wireless gaming on a single charge and also features Bluetooth 5.0 technology. For those who prefer wired mode, a 10-foot cable is included for recharging as you play, or between sessions. The 3.5mm stereo audio jack also allows for clear comms with your squad when using the FUSION Pro in wired mode. Whether it’s building, battling, or racing on their favourite Nintendo Switch titles, users can enjoy long-lasting gaming by connecting their way.

A Personal, Immersive Nintendo controller

In addition to the sleek look of the FUSION Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch, the controller provides customizable comfort with swappable parts that give each user a unique and personalized gaming experience. Featuring rubberized textured grips, the FUSION Pro is easy to hold for hours on end. Both black and white faceplates come with embedded anti-friction rings for super-smooth control and navigation. Responsive motion sensor controls make it ideal for flight simulations, racing and more.

The FUSION Pro Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch is available now.