Unrailed! gets limited physical release on Switch

by on April 12, 2021

Unrailed! is getting a physical release on the Nintendo Switch on April 15, 2021.  The team at Daedalic and developers Indoor Astronaut have teamed up with Super Rare Games to release a limited run of physical boxed editions of the game.

Only 4000 copies will be available.  This rare print physical release includes a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards randomly selected from a five-card set. Fans won’t have long to wait, as Super Rare Games titles ship soon after going on sale. Check out the store page here

Unrailed! is a chaotic co-op railroad construction game.  Watch the trailer below:

Unrailed! is a true test of your friendships: Work together in local or online multiplayer with up to four players to guide your train through dangerous, procedurally generated terrain filled with obstacles and meddling local wildlife in order to reach the safety of the next station. Communication and cooperation are key to ensure you always have enough resources to build new tracks, stop your train from overheating, and can fend off animals pestering you. Without quick decision making and strategic planning your train will derail quickly, which makes the game all the more challenging. Whether you play the endless, team or quick mode – your goal is to build the longest track ever.

Main features:

  • An intense and chaotic railroad construction experience
  • Online and local couch co-op multiplayer
  • Procedurally generated worlds with different difficulty levels
  • Dynamic weather system & day and night cycle
  • Game modes: Endless, Quick (up to 4 players) and Versus (2 vs 2 players)
  • Distinct biomes (5+)
  • A bunch of upgradable wagons (10+) to modify your train in Endless mode
  • Unlockable characters
  • A replay system
  • Simple controls & split controller mode

Unrailed! limited boxed edition is launching on April 15, 2021.  Available on Nintendo Switch.