For Pride month, The Sims celebrate LGBTQ+ Simmers.

by on June 7, 2021

For Pride month, Maxis and The Sims celebrate LGBTQ+ Simmers. These content creators have used the series to explore and accept their identities, and the stories are utterly heartwarming.

“This month and every month, The Sims strives to support its diverse, ever-growing fan base. In celebration of Pride Month, the team published a blog that delves into the empowering stories of a handful of Simmers who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community and all have a common theme — they are part of the diverse community that makes The Sims proud.

You can find a brief overview of some of these proud players below and on The Sims blog here:

– eyAnton (he/him), a Swedish streamer who used The Sims to help him escape gender dysphoria and who always strives to encourage others in the community

– BeyondSims (he/him), a UK-based content creator who used the game to come to terms with his sexuality through positive representation and exploration

– CaroloVazquez (she/her), an Argentinian who experienced same-gender relationship representation in The Sims at a young age and built her community virtually

– Dimissauro (he/him), a Simmer who finally saw realistic LGBTQ+ characters in The Sims, where he found a diverse and comfortable community

– EnglishSimmer (she/her), a member of the runner-up team from The Sims Spark’d, who created the Belong There series that is dedicated to telling LGBTQ+ stories after exploring her own sexuality in-game at a young age

The Sims is committed to creating the world as it should be, one that is kinder, more connected and built on representation and equality. The Sims team is proud to honor and show allyship with LGBTQ+ community.”

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I love seeing these content creators getting the spotlight for pride. Hearing how video games helped them discover their true selves is just lovely, and if The Sims want to tell these stories every year I’d happily read every word.