The new Xbox Pride Controller is perfection

by on June 2, 2022

The best month of the year is upon us, and the new Xbox Pride Controller is here to celebrate it in style. Xbox and Microsoft have created this colourful beauty using 34 different community flags, and will be available to purchase for all of us LGBTQuties and allies from June 9th. Alongside this wonderful controller Xbox is also donating $170,000 to various LGBTQIA+ charities, making Tell Me Why free to play for the rest of the month, and much more. You love to see it.

“Microsoft’s 2022 Pride campaign – Pride Has No Borders – is a grassroots movement created with and by LGBTQIA+ employees around the world. This year represents Microsoft’s most inclusive, immersive and global Pride ever.

Last year, Microsoft embraced over a dozen community flags to drive recognition of expansive LGBTQIA+ communities. This year, GLEAM (Global LGBTQIA+ Employee and Allies at Microsoft) is almost doubling the number of communities represented in its campaign aesthetic: Thirty-three flags representing LGBTQIA+ identities, one Ally flag and one Polyamory flag are at the core of this year’s work. This vibrant, energetic statement reminds us that by coming together across groups and bridging borders, we can make a difference for LGBTQIA+ communities and beyond.

Microsoft is celebrating this in three key ways:

– Highlighting employee stories: Today, the company launched Microsoft Unlocked – a new digital destination for stories from the heart and soul of innovation. The inaugural edition is all about Pride where you can explore more LGBTQIA+ stories and immersive experiences.
– Most immersive Pride product release: This year, in addition to the donation mentioned above, Microsoft worked with its LGBTQIA+ communities to celebrate their vibrancy and strength through the design of a plethora of products in addition to Xbox – including Surface, Teams, Outlook, Office, Edge, and more.
– Experiencing Pride in VR: On June 17, you can also experience Pride in VR with the “Pride has no borders” metaverse event hosted by activists, players and advocates from LGBTQIA+ communities at Microsoft, Team Xbox and organizations like the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA World) and OutRight Action International.

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