Coromon has a new release date for Switch, and it’s this month

by on July 7, 2022

Coromon was one of those games that had people incredibly excited because it looked a lot like Pokemon, or how they used to be. But while Coromon was originally planned to hit PC and Switch at the same time, the console version got pushed back, though we now have a new release date, and it’s July 21st.

One of the major things promised ahead of time was the fact your save would be able to transfer between PC and Switch versions, and this is still true. The game has reached over 100,000 players since hitting PC and Mac, and the Switch version is undoubtedly going to grab a whole new audience as well.


Take on the role of an apprentice Coromon trainer to study and capture adorable, yet formidable creatures as a part of the illustrious Lux Solis organization. Put together a beastly brigade of high-powered fighters choosing amongst 120 Coromon to battle across the many biomes of Velua. Coast through a more casual experience or test the team’s limits with four difficulty modes including built-in fan-favorite “Nuzlocke” and randomizer options.

“Coromon is our love letter to a treasured game genre and we cherish this opportunity to finally bring it to Nintendo Switch,” said Jochem Pouwels, Founder, TRAGsoft. “After the overwhelmingly positive response to Coromon’s PC launch, and with how patient everyone has been, we want to thank our community for being so supportive and encouraging. We expect everyone’s creature catching journeys on the go will meet all expectations they have had for us.”

It’ll cost $19.99 on Switch and has language support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified).

Lyle reviewed it back in March of this year, awarding it an 8/10 score, saying “Coromon is a monster collecting game that adds some fantastic modern systems and options to the genre, but also has some truly frustrating moments. If high encounter rates and unexpected forced stealth sounds like something you can push through though, there are plenty of adorable creatures to capture and fight with”.

Coromon is out now for PC, and coming to Switch on July 21st.

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