Stray | Malo’s flowers locations

by on July 19, 2022

Just before you leave Antvillage, there’s a robot called Malo who’s tending to their garden. In exchange for a gift, they ask you to retrieve three different flowers: a purple one, a red one, and a yellow one. We’ve put together a little something that’ll show you exactly where they are and how to get them in our Stray Malo’s flowers locations guide.

Stray | Malo’s flowers locations: The red one

It’s easy to explain where this is by imagining you’re walking along the stretch of wooden path at the entrance to Antvillage. Turn left until you see a couple of robots playing a board game. Behind them is a bucket that will lower you down to the murky ground below. You’ll be able to see a tree with red flowers on straight away. Simply head towards it and follow the jumping prompts to pluck one from the branch.

The Purple one

This one is right next to the two robots playing chess. After climbing back up from the red tree, turn right (the opposite direction to where the entrance to Antvillage is) and a tree branch will be the next thing you see on your left. Walk up the branch as far as you can go, and the option to pick a purple flower will present itself.

Stray | Malo’s flowers locations: The yellow one

Head to the same floor that Zbaltazar is one and walk past him until you reach the end of the floor. You should be by a quaint little restaurant where the guy behind the bar is bragging about his ramen. If you look over the ledge, you should see a pipe you can jump onto. Follow it around and you’ll get to a yellow flower you’ll be able to pick. Take all three back to Malo and she’ll reward you with a cute Plant Badge that you can put on your backpack.

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