Hearthstone ‘Murder at Castle Nathria’ is now live

by on August 2, 2022

The latest expansion for Hearthstone, ‘Murder at Castle Nathria,’ is now live, featuring the mystery of Sire Denathrius’ murder at his own dinner party. 135 new cards are included in the newest expansion which include Legendary Suspects, a new Location card type, and a new Keyword: Infuse.

The new Location card type will be added to Hearthstone permanently, and can be activated at the cost of durability, with a Cooldown of one turn between activations. The new card type takes up a slot on the player’s board, but enemies can’t interact with them unless a card states otherwise. With each Location card comes a potential scene of the crime or alibi, and each Class will have a specific location.

Any card with the Infuse keyword will drink the “intoxicating anima” surrendered whenever a friendly minion dies, mutating into mightier versions of themselves. Players can hold these cards until they’re infused, with the transformation signified by new artwork. Finally, the Legendary Suspects are minions present at the time the murder was committed, making everyone a suspect.

For plenty more details on all the cards including the expansion, along with other important details, you can check out the official site for a full rundown.