Vampire Survivors adds 20 new cheats and a Steam Deck feature

by on August 12, 2022

One of the hottest early access games around right now, Vampire Survivors has added yet more cheats (spells) and a little Steam Deck feature to help players out.

The game is getting even closer to the fabled “1.0 release” version, but for now it’s still in early access and this is update 0.10.109.

This update adds a host of new cheat codes spells that can be used to unlock Arcanas (see below for the full list and a new trick to unlocking the secret menu), as well as an on-screen keyboard option in the Secrets menu so Steam Deck and Gamepad users can type them out.

List of new “spells” (aka cheats!) added in 0.10.109

The “spells” menu can be unlocked temporarily by clicking the Yellow Sign entry in the Collection 7 times, and permanently after finding the Forbidden Scrolls.


  • everything: All weapons unlocked for Level Up options.
  • everywhere: All five main stages and Hyper mode unlocked.


  • ilmatto : Game Killer
  • ilbagatto : I – Gemini
  • lapapessa : II – Twilight Requiem
  • limperatrice : III – Tragic Princess
  • limperatore : IV – Awake
  • ilpapa : V – Chaos in the Dark Night
  • ilcarro : VII – Iron Blue Will
  • laforza : VIII – Mad Groove
  • laruota : X – Beginning
  • lagiustizia : XI – Waltz of Pearls
  • lappeso : XII – Out of Bounds
  • lamorte : XIII – Wicked Season
  • latemperanza : XIV – Jail of Crystal
  • ildiavolo : XV – Disco of Gold
  • latorre : XVI – Slash
  • lastella : XVII – Lost & Found Painting
  • laluna : XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions
  • ilsole : XIX – Heart of Fire
  • ilgiudizio : XX – Silent Old Sanctuary

The developer has also released an updated road map, as seen below:

Vampire Survivors road Map

Chris White recently took a look at the game and loved it, saying “Vampire Survivors is a basic yet addictive roguelike, with a surprising amount of depth in its mechanics. Taking on hordes of enemies does seem daunting at first, but when you’re unlocking new weapons and abilities to slay them all, it is when the game is at its best. I don’t really like to bring the cost into a review, but for just over £2, it makes it almost a crime not to try it out. It’s the perfect game to spend an hour or two on when you’re struggling to choose something, and will more than likely give you something to play when you’re in a funk”.

Vampire Survivors is out now in early access for PC via Steam.

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