Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC review

by on December 18, 2023
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December 18, 2023


I was a little late to the party when it came to Vampire Survivors, but when I finally played it I was absolutely hooked. Surviving waves of thousands of enemies with automatically firing weapons was just so relentlessly compelling, and with more content than I could ever hope to experience it felt like I’d struck gaming oil. Well, there’s even more content for all of us to play now, thanks to the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC.

Now I’ll admit I didn’t have Vampire Survivors getting DLC based on Among Us on my 2023 gaming bingo card, but it’s here now and it is wonderful. I don’t actually have a whole lot of personal experience with the traitor game that started it all, but I spent countless hours of my life back in 2020 watching all my favourite YouTubers betray and murder each other in a variety of devious ways. What does this have to do with Vampire Survivors? Admittedly not a lot, but the theme is perfect for some slightly off-the-wall additional content.

A screenshot of Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

The bulk of the Emergency Meeting DLC is contained in a specific adventure mode you select in the main menu of Vampire Survivors. Here you’ll find six stages full of Among Us-themed baddies to batter, a whole lot of different characters to unlock based on the different roles in Among Us, and even a separate upgrade system that allows you to raise various stats between runs by spending your hard-earned currency.

The most exciting aspect of the Emergency Meeting DLC though is the selection of new weapons that have been added to the game. The way the new weapons are themed around different Among Us activities is incredibly clever, and they’re really fun to use too. The Report weapon for example begins as a simple shockwave attack, but when evolved reports a random type of enemy (complete with the meeting called alarm) and kills every enemy of that type on the screen. Then there’s the Vent attack, which kills any enemy that steps on one of the vents that spawn around you. There’s not a single dud among any of these weapons, and I loved using and evolving them over and over again.

The maps are great too, with familiar hallways and rooms from the stages you’ve killed your friends in before in Among Us. The final stage of the adventure is the best one, which is fortunate as it’s also the one that is added to your selection in the standard mode of the game too. What’s special about this map is that as you play different emergencies are triggered (just like they would be by an imposter) which you need to rush to in order to prevent disaster. Doing this rewards you with a chest every time, which is a great way to level up and evolve your best weapons nice and quickly so you don’t get overwhelmed by robots.

A screenshot of Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

The entire adventure of the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC took me about four hours to complete, but once you have you can ascend your save file and play through again on a tougher difficulty. Playing through the adventure also unlocks all the different weapons and characters in the main game, which are a great addition to the already massive selection available. I’m going to spend so long trying out all the new characters in my favourite stages now, and I doubt I’ll be done having fun with Vampire Survivors by this time next year.

There isn’t a whole lot to complain about when it comes to the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC, especially for the ridiculously low price of £1.99 or your regional equivalent. I do think on your first time through the adventure it’s maybe a little too easy, but that didn’t stop me from having a blast obliterating enemies with my overpowered weapons.

If all DLC was as good as the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC the world would be a better place. It adds loads of cool new weapons and characters, and fans of Among Us will love the theme. Vampire Survivors continues to be the greatest value proposition in all of gaming, and anyone who disagrees is honestly a little sus.


Loads of great new characters and weapons
The Among Us theme is fantastic
Adds lots to the main game too
Is ridiculously cheap


Maybe a touch too easy on your first playthrough

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In Short

The Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC adds great new Among Us themed weapons and characters, and is just a blast to play.