Vampire Survivors gets first co-op gameplay video and more

by on July 12, 2023

Poncle has revealed the first co-op gameplay video for Vampire Survivors, along with information about the new engine, community items, and more. You can find a breakdown of the information below, and more information here. .

Steam Community Items out now

All of these items are available now, and players can unlock the following to improve their Steam profiles, with some potentially cool references to other video games in the trading cards.

  • 5 Trading Cards
  • 6 Badges
  • 5 Emoticons
  • 3 Profile Backgrounds

First co-op mode gameplay video

New co-op item revealed: The Friendship Amulet 

Along with the new gameplay video featuring co-op in Vampire Survivors, Poncle also revealed a new item called The Friendship Amulet. It can appear on the level-up screen and levels up a random weapon for each player, where they have to chose to improve their own weapons or offer it up to the whole group.

Fully switching to new engine

For a while now, Vampire Survivors has been running simultaneously on its original engine and its new one, however, now the game has reached a point where the new engine has been vigorously tested, the Steam version of VS will fully switch over from August 17 to coincide with the release of co-op.

Co-op hands-on event in London

Finally, Poncle will be hosting its first community event in London in early August. Players and VIPs will be able to try out the co-op mode with friends before it launches. Details on how you can attend will be announced via Twitter and TikTok soon.

Vampire Survivors has had an impressive year, and although we reviewed it last August, it’s just as popular as ever. In it, we said, “Vampire Survivors is a basic yet addictive roguelike, with a surprising amount of depth in its mechanics. Taking on hordes of enemies does seem daunting at first, but when you’re unlocking new weapons and abilities to slay them all, it is when the game is at its best. I don’t really like to bring the cost into a review, but for just over £2, it makes it almost a crime not to try it out. It’s the perfect game to spend an hour or two on when you’re struggling to choose something, and will more than likely give you something to play when you’re in a funk.”