Gotham Knights | How to co-op

by on October 20, 2022

Playing Gotham Knights can be a lot of fun on your own, but in co-op, the joys of fighting crime with friends makes it an infinitely better game. You’ll be given a nod early on when this option becomes available, but how do you find a friend to play with? You can also play with strangers, and there’re a few ways to do this. Luckily, we’ve got you covered in the guide below.

Gotham Knights | How to co-op

As mentioned, playing with friends allows you to complete crimes together, race around Gotham, and generally work towards making the city a safer place. When playing Gotham Knights in co-op, you are also free to do your own thing, however, XP is shared and it’s a great way to both have plenty of fun and level up your character at the same time. To play with friends, head to ‘Social’ on either the main menu or by pausing your game. Then, select ‘Friends’ and find the person you want to play with. They’ll then join your game once accepting the invitation.

Gotham Knights Co-Op Robin

Play with strangers

If you want to jump into a stranger’s game (or another way to join a friend) and play through the main story with them, you can do so by clicking on ‘Multiplayer’ via the main menu, or again from the pause menu. Once there, select ‘Quick Match’ and ‘Main Story.’ It might take a few moments to find someone, but once initiated you’ll be in somebody else’s game. If you want others to join you, you can change your settings on the fly. Click left on the D-pad, then ‘Privacy.’ From here, you can choose to make sessions private, public, friends only, or friends of friends.