BAFTA winning arena shooter At Sundown getting a spring launch

by on February 9, 2018

Independent game publisher, Versus Evil and independent developer, Mild Beast Games have today revealed that the BAFTA winning shoot ’em up At Sundown is launching on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC / Mac in Spring.

At Sundown is a stealth-based arena shooter where four players compete in online and local deathmatch games. The game takes place under the cover of darkness where players can only be spotted when they shoot, dash or walk into a light source.

For players keen to see what At Sundown is all about there is currently a free demo on the At Sundown Steam page which gives access to four of the eleven launch weapons on a selection of maps.

“Mild Beast Games have a created an award-winning multiplayer formula that totally hooks players from the outset. At Sundown has been a real crowd pleaser at events like PAX, where it won players over with its superb 4 player party set up. We’re really excited to announce the games’ cross-platform launch, which underlines our commitment to bringing out the best in our indie partners,” commented Versus Evil General Manager Steve Escalante.

There is no fixed date as yet for At Sundown, but it is expected within the next few months.