Satisfactory update 6 has arrived via Early Access

by on September 20, 2022

To say Satisfactory update 6 has been a long time coming is an understatement, but you can play it right now if you use the early access branch on either Steam or Epic Games Store.

Satisfactory Update 6 focusses on “world exploration and combat, bringing players four body equipment slots, and plenty of ammo equipped with a swapping system, visual overhauls and expansions to the world, as well as a new Map Marker system with the Map unlockable from Tier One, and a special new boombox with music tapes to discover and play in-game”.

Coffee Stain Studios also added that “Update 6 is a great step towards 1.0”, which is exciting, revealing a big list of the new additions to the game:

Satisfactory update 6: Say hello to my little friend

Satisfactory update 6

Pioneers will see a completely upgraded weapons experience in Update 6, with the arrival of nine new ammunition types for the Rebar Gun, Nobelisk Detonator, and Rifle. This explosive range presents new options for existing weaponry. Included amongst them are a deadly, shrapnel launching Shatter Rebar, Homing bullets for the rifle that locks to its targets and a Nobelisk Cluster that sets off multiple explosions across a large area. To get a feel for these new munitions, pioneers can take advantage of the brand new ammunition swapping system to easily change out the firepower of their choice. On top of this, Update 6 allows players to mix and match their body equipment, with four slots for Head, Back, Body, and Legs.

Don’t stop the music, please

Update 6 also offers an alternative to the soothing, ambient sounds of construction and assembly line manufacturing, with a brand new Boombox available in-game. FICSIT Inc. employees can tune in to top hits, with tapes scattered throughout the game to find, as well as available for purchase in the Awesome Shop. These tapes feature special guests from the Coffee Stain Multiverse™.

In an exciting, and not at all unnecessary second feature, those who would like to vacate unwanted guests can use the Turbo Bass feature to blow bothersome visitors away.

New horizons to explore

Satisfactory update 6

The world sees huge changes in this update, with the addition of the entirely new Spire Coast. This is challenging terrain, with tropical cliff sides, islands, and coral reefs standing in the way of valuable oil node resources. Visual overhauls abound as well, The Swamp’s vegetation and atmosphere have been reworked to become spookier, and the sky features new dynamic clouds and planets available to see in the distant horizons, alongside evening changes that showcase far off stars, nebulas, and a spiral galaxy.

X marks the spot

The Map is now unlocked in Tier 1, and has seen a number of upgrades, including a new Map Marker system. The Markers will replace Beacons, and Stamps are now available to mark points of interest. The Radar Tower has also been upgraded, highlighting Resource locations and potential exploration rewards within the world.

Creature features and more!


The creature AI system sees improvements across the board, with updates to behaviour. Alongside this, the Spitter range has broadened, to include a total of six Spitters, with one large and one small for the Desert, Tropical, and Forest biomes. These Spitters have seen additional behavioural updates, with the larger variants equipped with new attacks.

Also a part of Update 6 are refinements to MAM, with new layouts and research options for the Research Trees. Some research has been moved across different Trees, and the basic Turbo Fuel, Compacted Coal, and Polyester Fabric Alternative Recipes are now available in the MAM. New parts have also been added for Pioneer research including Alien Protein, the Organic Data Capsule, and an upgrade to Black Powder with the new Smokeless Powder.

Satisfactory is out now in early access on PC for Epic Games Store and Steam.