Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Riddle of Pristine Peaks guide

by on October 17, 2022

Littered throughout Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope there are riddles that can be fiendish or simply just annoying. As a reward for completing each Sparks of Hope riddle you’ll unlock planet coins and usually a chest, which might contain coins or items that are invaluable to your cause. It could be a mushroom that’ll save you money, or maybe even an item that lets you level up a Spark instantly. Like we say: invaluable.

However, some the Sparks of Hope riddle on the second island (Pristine Peaks) is a bit of a pain, because it’s quite hard to see what the icons are, and the solution itself is a bit wordy and confusing.

Sparks of Hope Riddle of Pristine Peaks solution

While the Rabbid friend to the right of the mission will give you guidance, and even Jeanne and Beep-O might help, the solution to the Sparks of Hope Riddle of Pristine Peaks is about the story of the Rabbids who inhabit the ice planet. On the three statues you need to rotate the icon to line it up according to the story that is behind the island of Pristine Peaks.

Sparks of Hope Riddle of Pristine Peaks solution

The left most icon must be the sun, as the Rabbids arrived and found it all a bit too hot. The middle icon must be an angry looking mountain, or face, that is supposed to suggest a cold wind blowing to cool it down. On the right there’s another mountain-like image you’ll need to line up, which is supposed to represent Cursa. It’s a bit hard to tell, in truth, due to the images being blurry, so we’d suggest using the image above as a reference point.

Put simply, match the image in your game to ours above, and you’ll unlock a planet coin (and marks towards your overall game percentage), and a chest that will spawn to the left of the first statue, which you can also see in our image above.