Marvel’s Avengers now includes The Winter Soldier via free update

by on November 29, 2022

Marvel’s Avengers from Crystal Dynamics is still going strong, and the latest free update has added The Winter Soldier as a playable hero.

The update (2.7, for those keeping count) is out now and adds new gear, while also increasing the maximum power level to 185. This will also add to Marvel’s Avengers‘ story, which Crystal Dynamics says “now offers several campaigns, 11 playable heroes (12 on PlayStation platforms), and endless multiplayer co-op action for up to four players”.

Here’s the official information on Bucky/Winter Soldier, along with a brand new trailer.


Bucky Barnes, AKA the Winter Soldier, is a master assassin, brawler, and ranged specialist. Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini captured him to use him as her personal assassin and leverage his Soviet-era protocols to harness MODOK as a more pliable weapon. But Barnes escaped with the help of the Avengers, and now he’s looking to bring AIM to justice…and for a way to overcome his guilt and anger over the terrible things he has done.

Barnes doesn’t like to lose and doesn’t back down from fights. The battlefield is the Winter Soldier’s home. After all he’s been through, there are few things he is sure of other than his fighting skills and his devotion to his allies.

Along with this update, there’s also a new mission called “Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat”, which is described below, and also has a new trailer (also below):


A large and familiar face is back with a vengeance: Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini’s latest experiment MODOK waits in the depths of AIM’s Cloning Lab. In one of Marvel’s Avengers’ truest tests of end-game teamwork, Cloning Lab requires advanced tactics and the full cooperation of a four-player team to beat the 175 Power Level challenge and obtain more-powerful gear. Along the way, players will be a part of Marvel’s Avengers’ unfolding narrative as they try to defeat MODOK before the Scientist Supreme can take control of one of the world’s most powerful minds!

The free 2.7 update is available now.