Witchfire gameplay trailer confirms DLSS 3 will be an option

by on January 3, 2023

Developer The Astronauts has released a new gameplay trailer for Witchfire, which confirms NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology will be included. NVIDIA DLSS3 is an option within games that allows the performance (or frame rate) to be boosted without sacrificing too much in terms of visual fidelity.

Adrian Chmielarz, Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Astronauts said: “You start the game, push all graphics options to the max. You enjoy it for a while but then, especially if it’s an action game, you realize that the framerate is king. So you start lowering the quality of visuals in order to achieve that smooth gameplay. DLSS 3 allows the seemingly impossible, high framerate without compromising the visuals. A no brainer for a game like Witchfire, which is both action and beauty”.


The only issue here is that DLSS 3 is powered by the fourth gen of NVIDIA graphics cards, and while most people are on a 20x or 30x series GPU, the 40x hasn’t been out that long, and is rumoured to be selling below expectations.

Witchfire was originally scheduled to hit in 2022, but it was pushed to 2023 to allow for open-level design to be incorporated, which the developer is keen to stress, is not “open world” but “open-level” design.

From the creators of Painkiller and Bulletstorm, Witchfire is a first-person shooter set in a grimdark fantasy world in which a deadly war rages between powerful witches and the Church. In this alternate reality, witches are very real and very dangerous— but so is the witch hunter. Armed by Vatican sorcerers, players wield an ungodly array of guns and forbidden magic as they combat dark terrors on behalf of their shadowy benefactors.

This one is scheduled for an Early Access release this year, though no specific date has been set as of yet.

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