The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR new gameplay trailer released

by on February 17, 2023

Supermassive Games has released a new gameplay trailer showing off The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, a PlayStation VR2-exclusive shooter that promises to make use of some of the new features like eye-tracking.

In a lengthy, ten-minute reveal, the gameplay shown off, and while it reminds us a bit of the last PSVR launch title, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, with the rollercoaster shooter gameplay, the fidelity and features the PS5 can provide looks a step up.

Check out the video, below:


Game Director, Alejandro Arque Gallardo, says that “Due to the innovative and immersive offering of the PS VR2, the experience of Switchback VR has intensified since its predecessor, taking players for a multisensory ride through ghost-ships, witch-hunts, vampire nests and the lair of a sadistic killer on a fast-paced horror experience”.

The eye tracking will feature in a “don’t blink!” section of Switchback VR, but the title will also make use of haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers to make each weapon feel different. One feature PlayStation VR2 has that no other headset does, is the headset rumble, which Gallardo explains will also feature, saying: “Avoid falling beams, overturned buses and hanging witches. Headset rumble ensures that you’ll feel it if you don’t!”

He added: “Switchback VR brings you face to face with the most terrifying antagonists from Season One of the Dark Pictures Anthology – from horrific Ghost Ship apparitions in Man of Medan and faceless enemies in Little Hope’s witch trials, to the vampire hordes of House of Ashes and the twisted serial killer in The Devil in Me. As you face off with these enemies and try to survive, spare a thought for our designers who have had to put themselves in these terrifying environments time and time again! Whether it’s designing gruesome traps at the World’s Fair Hotel or creating the stalking, evil Sailor Girl from Man of Medan, even our designers aren’t immune to the scares!”

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is coming exclusively to PlayStation VR2 on March 16th.