Paranormasight | How to survive Yutaro’s curse guide

by on March 8, 2023

Paranormasight has some moments that really expect you to think well and truly outside of the box, and the first of these happens pretty early on with Paranormasight Yutaro and his curse. In the chapter “Quest for the Seven Mysteries (part 2)” you’ll go to the Ryogoku Bridge and meet Yutaro Namigaki. You’ll find out pretty quickly that he’s a curse bearer too, and the games begin right away.

Paranormasight Yutaro’s curse: what’s it about?

It won’t take you long to realise that Yutaro is willing to kill you pretty quickly for those precious soul dregs, and in no time at all poor Shogo will be pushing up daisies. After trying a few different options, you’ll probably start to wonder how the heck you can stop the power of his curse.

Paranormasight Guide

Paranormasight Yutaro: how to survive

There’s only one hint you’re given in how to deal with his curse, and that’s when he kills you and reveals that anyone who hears the voice of his curse will die. You can prevent this from happening by going into the volume menu and turning the voice volume to zero. When I realised that this was the solution to this problem my mind was well and truly blown, and I knew Paranormasight was going to be a very special game.

Paranormasight Guide

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