Paranormasight | I’ll see you again guide

by on March 8, 2023

There are some parts of Paranormasight which require you to really think outside the box if you want to progress in the story, and it’s easy to get stuck if you can’t figure it out without our guide. Although the game usually tries to guide you in the right direction, sometimes you hit a wall – and that’s where we come in. This guide contains story spoilers, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Paranormasight guide: Yakko’s story

One of these moments takes place in Yakko’s story, when it’s revealed that the spirit of Michiyo has been possessing her for most of the game. In the chapter “I’ll see you again”, Yakko and Mio use a spirit board to communicate with Michiyo to try and send her on to the afterlife and before she leaves she has one last request.

Paranormasight Guide

Paranormasight guide: never forget

Michiyo simply doesn’t want to be forgotten, and asks you to show her that you never will. You need to find a way to demonstrate that, and there’s a clever way to do it. To satisfy Michiyo you need to go into the save menu and manually save the game to a new slot. Once you’ve done that she’ll be happy to move on knowing she’ll always be remembered, and you’ll have experienced one of the coolest moments in Paranormasight.

Paranormasight Guide

In our review of the game, Lyle said “If I have one complaint with Paranormasight it’s that there were a few times I just got well and truly stuck with how to progress. It makes sense that a game about solving paranormal mysteries could occasionally stump you (and for the most part it helps lead you in the right direction) but one section in particular had me confused for a couple of days and I just wanted to keep playing this great game”, so don’t feel ashamed using these guides, and check out more of the site for further help, and our YouTube Channel for more guides.