Company of Heroes 3 is coming to consoles in May

by on April 13, 2023

After hitting PC in February this year, Relic Entertainment and SEGA has announced the console version of Company of Heroes 3 is coming on May 30th.

That means the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X will get their real-time strategy war-game fix just before Summer hits. It’s the first time that developer Relic Entertainment has brought the series to consoles, which the team says will offer “fans around the world the deepest strategic experience yet. Console players can expect a custom UI, full controller support, and special features that allow them to play at their own pace”.

There will be an adapted user interface as obviously controllers will be used on consoles, and the console version will be available for pre-order on April 25th from your usual retailers.


New features like Full Tactical Pause offer gamepad players a level of tactical control over the pacing on the battlefield. By freezing the action, players who choose to employ Full Tactical Pause will be able to coordinate all their actions at once, thinking through every move in detail without the pressure of doing it all in real-time.

Company of Heroes’ renowned boots-on-the-ground storytelling will bring players to a brand-new theatre of war, unlocking authentic new tactics, four distinct factions, and a wealth of untold stories from World War II. In single-player modes, the turn-based Italian Dynamic Campaign offers a sandbox-style gameplay experience with new levels of strategic choice, whereas the sweeping deserts of North Africa allow for a classic, narrative-led single-player experience. For players that enjoy their competitive action, CoH3 has a huge online multiplayer and co-op vs AI offer, with more factions, mechanics and units than ever before.

In our PC review of Company of Heroes 3, Mick gave the game 8.5/10 and said said “This is a game about making those split second heroic decisions, dealing with a sudden influx of enemy reinforcements, when one moment the odds are in your favour and the next they’re against you. Holding down a defensive position or snatching victory from the jaws of certain defeat – these moments always feel emergent and, importantly, earned.

It’s hardly an original setting or concept, but Company of Heroes 3 makes up for it with sheer charm and playability. If you can look past the casual wartime racism, iffy framerate and somewhat expected stereotyping, there’s a solid war game here with a ton of replayability to keep you busy for a few while”.

Company of Heroes 3 is out now for PC, and is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series S|X on May 30th.

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