How long to beat Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

by on April 26, 2023

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is finally here, back and bigger than ever. Players will get to become Cal Kestis once again as he battle the Empire once more, along with a new threat that will push the red-headed Jedi and his friends to the limit. It’s filled with so much to do and see, with an exceptional traversal system and some amazing combat, but how long does it take to beat Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Luckily, we can give you an idea, however, it is solely based on our experiences with the game, and could likely differ from player to player depending on difficulty setting and how much time put into exploring the galaxy.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: how long to beat

On the Jedi Knight difficulty, it took us around 23 hours to complete the main story. For the majority of our time with it, we did explore quite a lot of Koboh, and when the credits rolled, we’d seen about 60% of the planet. As for the other locations, we hadn’t spent a lot of time searching every nook and cranny, and there were certain areas we hadn’t used previously unlocked abilities to reach areas we couldn’t before. The story is exceptional, and there’s a hefty tale to be told.

Star Wars Jedi How long to beat

What are the factors that determine how long it takes me?

How long to beat Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will depend on whether you look for everything on every planet. You don’t have to see everything before it finishes, as you can go back afterwards and mop up any collectables or hidden areas. If you struggle with the combat, it might be worth dropping it down to the Padawan difficulty, although bosses (excluding the optional ones) on the Jedi Knight difficulty required us to take them on a handful of times. It will take even less time if you were to play on the lowest difficulty, however, we wouldn’t recommend this as it’s far too easy and takes away the thrill of the fight to quite a degree.