The Street Fighter 6 Showcase unveils the game’s year one roadmap

by on April 21, 2023

It’s not long until we’ll all be Hadoukening our hearts out in Street Fighter 6, and I’m happy to gorge myself on anything I can find out about the next installment in Capcom’s legendary fighting game series. Well The Street Fighter 6 Showcase provided just that, with information on what to expect after launch and details on what the single player aspect of the game will entail.

“The Street Fighter™ 6 Showcase, hosted by rap legend Lil Wayne, dropped new information on the upcoming game, including new details on World Tour, customized avatar battles, accessibility features, the Year 1 roadmap, and a demo that kicks off today on PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 followed by its release for Xbox and Steam on April 26!”

Long time fans of the series will be especially happy to hear about the characters coming in the first year after launch. After skipping the fifth game I admittedly don’t recognise many of them, but I can’t help but get excited when I see Akuma mentioned.

“Rashid of the Turbulent Wind, who debuted in Street Fighter™ V, returns in Summer 2023. The enigmatic A.K.I. struts into the roster in Autumn 2023. Ed, the Young Commander from Street Fighter V, also strikes back in early Winter 2024. And finally, the legend himself, the beast, the transcendent Akuma will rage into Street Fighter 6 in Spring 2024! All four of these characters will be included as Masters in World Tour following their release and are also included in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of Street Fighter 6.”