Saints Row gets first DLC expansion, ‘The Heist & The Hazardous’

by on May 9, 2023

Deep Silver and Volition has today released the first DLC expansion for Saints Row, which also releases alongside a massive free update. ‘The Heist & The Hazardous‘ DLC includes three new story missions, a new weapon and helicopter, new rewards and cosmetics, and more. It can be purchased now and is included in the Saints Row Expansion Pass.

The Heist and The Hazardous follows you, The Boss as you embark on a revenge heist against movie star Chris Hardy, an egotistical douchebag who thinks he can pay the Saints for their services in headshots. You just rolled snake eyes, Chris. The Saints are going to take everything you got, including your plush mansion.

Along with the first DLC expansion for Saints Row, the new and free ‘Sunshine Springs’ update is also out now and includes a new playable district called, well, Sunshine Springs; improved combat, gameplay flow and balancing; a Selfie mode; 12 new emotes and an emote selection wheel; new camera angles for vehicles; and a plethora of additional fixes and tweaks.

The Sunshine Springs update was detailed on the official Saints Row blog, and gives more information of what players can expect when exploring the new district for the first time, along with all the changes that have been made. “Alongside the launch of The Heist and The Hazardous and the opening of our brand new district, Sunshine Springs, the team have also been hard at work bringing you a huge set of quality of life improvements, new features and bug fixes,” the blog reads. “This includes an overhaul of the combat, making it feel smoother and more badass than ever before, plus new features like Selfie Mode and an emote wheel allowing you to choose up to 8 emotes for quick deployment. Some missions have also been improved and we have added the options to disable or enable health bars at your leisure.”